We're giving the gift of power.

With RV Power Outlet, you can transform the RV sitting in your driveway into the perfect "guest room" for your vacationing friends and relatives. Imagine, being able to plug in at home just like you do when you're at an RV Park. No need to have those clumsy, and perhaps dangerous, extension cords running across the driveway into the garage to provide electricity to your rig. Instead, you just plug in and STAY!

RV Power Outlets provides a full line of RV electrical service boxes, pedestals and other RV power accessories that are identical to those found at the best RV parks in the country, but are designed for you to set up at your home!

RV power outlets in action!

Your RV is generally your second largest physical asset - protect it!

With an RV Power Outlet you can:

  • Enjoy 30 or 50 amp service for your RV at home!
  • Keep your RV ready to roll!
  • Turn your RV (or a visitor's) into a guest house! (Think of it as a place for the In-Laws.)
  • Send one to your kids, then tell them you’re coming.

Our RV Power Outlets will:

  • Eliminate the chance of accidentally tripping over a coiled power cord!
  • Reduce the risk of fire hazards from overheated power cords and overloaded outlets!

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